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Canine massage therapy is not a replacement for veterinary care. We strongly recommend an integrated approach with other health care practices & practitioners.

After initial consult, costs vary based on session length and the individual needs of the dog. Services are provided in-home in the Cape Girardeau area. (Additional travel cost may apply to those outside the serviced area)  

30 Minute Massage $45

A therapeutic massage that will incorporate a variety of techniques based on your pet’s individual needs. The massage lasts approximately thirty minutes depending on the needs and temperament of the individual dog. This also includes taking a history as well as gait observation.

Guided Pet Massage $60

Massage is an excellent way to bond with your pet! This session lasts for approximately one hour. It includes viewing a short presentation about the benefits and dos and don’ts of pet massage as well as hands on instruction in basic techniques you can use at home with your pet. These sessions are best suited to dogs in relatively good health without underlying disease conditions.

Trust Building $10

This session lasts for 5-15 minutes, depending on the dog. These sessions do not include any other service. They are intended to help dogs who are uncomfortable with touch develop a positive association with touch and lay the foundation for future visits. This service is ideal for dogs who need socialization or are not yet comfortable with a full massage session or with being handled by strangers. **overly aggressive or fearful dogs will be referred to an animal behaviorist and/or trainer.**

Kinesiology Taping $10

Kinesiology tape helps to provide extra support following a massage. This service can be provided without massage for $25.

Nutrition Consultation $50/hour

This service provides individualized guidance in selecting the most appropriate diet for your dog. We can discuss brands or types of food as well as helping you evaluate what works best for your dog. We can even help you develop a balanced homemade diet if that is your desire. We can also help with the selection of nutritional supplements. One hour minimum.

tPEMF Therapy $10

We offer Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy using an Assisi Loop. This is an excellent addition to massage for pain management. This service can be provided without massage for $25.

We have a multi pet discount for our massage services! Receive $10 off each dog when multiple pets are scheduled for the same visit!

Refer a friend and you get $5.00 off any service and so does your friend! Unlimited! Refer more friends get a bigger discount! *Discount applied at time of service

We accept cash, most major credit cards, Apple Pay, & Google Pay

Payment is due at time of service. Please have your payment ready, we do not offer billing for services rendered. Please contact us if you prefer to pay ahead of time for your appointment.

Stephanie gave Josie and massage and she loved it! She could even tell by some of the muscles that Josie was a counter surfer!

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